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To discuss how the choir can help make a funeral more meaningful, please contact our concert secretary, Ros Meehan,  on 07862 736766

The Brixi Singers were recently asked to assist with music at several funerals. A small number of the choir were able to attend,  and  make the funerals more reflective and meaningful.
In the first, at the request of the family,  the Brixi Singers sang an unaccompanied piece in 4 part harmony,  as the coffin was quietly brought into the church.  The Brixi Singers then supported the singing of the hymns, along with the resident church organist.  At the end,  the Brixi Singers sang a simple hymn in harmony,  as the coffin left the church,  followed by the family and the mourners.
In the second,  the Brixi Singers supported the singing of the hymns chosen by the family,  from a raised gallery at the back of the church.  This filled the large church space with quiet reverent music,  consistent with the sadness of the occasion,  but also the celebration for the life of the departed loved one.
In the third funeral,  in Heywood,  the Brixi Singers supported the singing of the hymns,  and at the request of the family,  sang "Bless this house",  a favourite of the deceased.  The eulogy included amusing stories of the deceased,  making the church ring with laughter,  a lovely way to remember and celebrate the life of the departed loved one.  Then,  at the request of the family,  we sang "We'll meet again" as the coffin left the church.
In the most recent,  in Bolton,  the choir sang the coffin in to the chapel with Rutter's setting of "God be in my head".  They supported the mourners in singing the hymns chosen by the family,  and the singing of Psalm 23,  The Lord Is My Shepherd.  The choir then sang the coffin out of the chapel,  with Bruckner's setting of the lovely words of "Locus Iste, a deo factus est" - this is the place that the Lord has made.
If you would like to discuss how the Brixi Singers could support the musical aspect of a funeral you may be organising,  please ring our Concert Secretary,  Ros,  on the number above. 

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